Students Council  


  • All members are nominated by the Principal.
  • Class representatives are nominated based on academic merit.
  • Secretaries of Gymkhana, Cultural activities, NSS and NCC are nominated on basis of proficiency in the particular activity.
  • Only full time bonafide students of the college are eligible for nomination.

Election of General Secretary

The following students are eligible to file their nominations as General Secretary of the council:
  • Class Representatives nominated by Principal.
  • Students nominated by Principal for various activities
  • The nominated Lady representatives.

The members of the Students Council elect from amongst themselves the General Secretary of the Council.

An extended Students’ Council consisting of Divisional Representatives and Secretaries, Joint Secretaries of the different associations and forums is formed to aid the smooth functioning of the student body. All members of the extended council are nominated by class teachers and professors/coordinators in charge of the activities and programmes.

Students' Council Mission Statement

"Unity and passion are the driving forces of success".

As members of the Student’s Council of S.I.E.S. College of Commerce & Economics which caters to several different faculties, we realize that unity and college spirit are paramount. We do not have promises to make but promises to keep. In keeping with the ferociously competitive educational system, we will rise to every challenge and overcome them as best as we can.

Our goal is to create strong foundations for future students in areas of academic, cultural and social relevance. We wish to help creativity, free expression and thought flourish. We will use our tremendous storehouse of talent wisely and bring out the best in ourselves. We understand the importance of change and embrace it.

It is our belief that our progress is limited by the progress of the community we live in. We shall expand our ties with our local community and work towards building stronger relationships. We are very optimistic about the future and hope to successfully implement all our goals and surpass our own expectations.

Finally, we understand that our institution has put tremendous faith and trust in our abilities. Their confidence in us gives us the strength we need to rise to every occasion.