Academic Year 2017-2018  

  • Title :- Database Management systems
    Type :- book (research)
    Level :- n/a

    ISSN/ISBN/Patent No./Others :- 978-93-5273-424-5
    Publisher :- Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
    Co-Authors(s) :- Prof. Kiran Gurbani, Mrs. Jayalakshmi Srinivasan
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    By: Mrs. bhavini shah
    Date: 01/08/2017

    This book has been written as per the syllabus prescribed by the University with effect from academic year 2017-18. Information is a valuable resource to an organization. Computer software provides an efficient means of processing information, and database systems are becoming increasingly common means by which it is possible to store and retrieve information in an effective manner. This book provides comprehensive coverage of fundamentals of database management system. This book is for those who wish a better understanding of relational data modeling, its purpose, its nature, and the standards used in creating relational data model.