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28th February 2023 B.Sc. IT Ms. Varsha Dhanawade A webinar on “An Overview & Orientation of Research” by Dr. Raj Shree, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Vidya Vihar, Lucknow 2022-2023
23rd February 2023 B.Sc. IT Ms. Varsha Umesh Dhanawade Faculty Exchange Program 2022-2023
3rd April 2022 B.Sc. IT webinar-IPR 2022-2023
3rd April 2022 B.Sc. IT webinar-Data Science 2022-2023
3rd April 2022 B.Sc. IT webinar-MCA entrance exam 2022-2023
3rd April 2022 B.Sc. IT webinar-Controlling Carbon Footprints 2022-2023
14th March 2022 BMS Faculty Exchange Programme 2022-2023
28th February 2022 BMS Energy Audit and Conservation 2022-2023
28th February 2022 BBI Patkar Varde Faculty Exchange Programme: 2022-2023
26th February 2022 BAF Pranit Jain Careers in Management Accounting 2022-2023
23rd February 2022 BMS Mr. Ananth Subramanian How to Evaluate Case Studies 2022-2023
22nd February 2022 BMS Mr. Peush Pillai Careers in Corporate Finance 2022-2023
22nd February 2022 M.Sc (IT), M.Sc (DS) & B.Sc (IT) Dr. Parikshit Mahalle, How to write a Research paper A Beginners Approach 2022-2023
18th February 2022 BMS Business Sustainability: Pandemic & Beyond 2022-2023
17th February 2022 BFM Innovations in Financial Markets 2022-2023
14th February 2022 BFM Faculty Exchange Program-Strategic Corporate Finance , Mutual Fund Management 2022-2023
8th February 2022 M.Sc (IT), M.Sc (DS) & B.Sc (IT) QUIZ 2022-2023
7th February 2022 BCOM Overview of Financial Markets in collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers 2022-2023
31st January 2022 BAF Faculty Exchange Program 2022-2023
29th January 2022 B.Sc. IT Mr. Akshay Ridlan webinar on Voice for Voiceless 2022-2023
29th January 2022 BBI Mr. Padmanabhan Ramakrishnan FIONTRAI 2022 Fostering Entrepreneurship 2022-2023
29th January 2022 BBI Miss Rashmi Iyengar VITHA 2022 2022-2023
29th January 2022 BFM Finova Stock Exchange event 2022-2023
28th January 2022 MSc Ms. Priyanka Kulkarni workshop on Yoga 2022-2023
25th January 2022 BBI Dr. Yogini Dixit Nostrum 2022 2022-2023
23rd January 2022 BMS FineAns Case Study Competition 2022-2023
22nd January 2022 BAF Finatix 2022 2022-2023
21st January 2022 BAF Dr Harini.C Research Guidance (Part 2) 2022-2023
19th January 2022 BBI Faculty Exchange Programme: 2022-2023
15th January 2022 BMS Buddhi-Energy Conservation 2022-2023
26th December 2021 BMS Poster Making-My Ideal India at 100 2022-2023
6th December 2021 BFM course on Fundamental Analysis beginning 2022-2023
30th October 2021 MSc (IT) Professional Skills, Explorations into Mindfulness, Cyber Security Essentials, Introduction to Cloud, Introduction to Emerging Technologies 2022-2023
30th October 2021 MSc (IT) Blockchain Essentials, Introduction to Cloud, IBM Cloud, Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator 2022-2023
1st September 2021 MSc (IT) 21st Century Workplace Skills Program 2022-2023
17th July 2021 BAF Ms Ayushi Gandhi Financial Literacy 2022-2023
28th January 2021 BSc IT ORDER IN CHAOS 2022-2023
22nd January 2021 BMS Mr. Mithrakumar Sasikumar How to Solve Case Studies 2022-2023
22nd December 2021 BAF Dr Harini.C Research Guidance (Part 1) 2021-2022
16th December 2021 BCOM Swarnim Vijay Diwas Foundation Course activity 2021-2022
4th December 2021 BMS Dr Rinkesh Chheda Research Orientation 2021-2022
2nd December 2021 M.COM (BANKING AND FINANCE) Ms. Nidhi Mathuria Online Investor Awareness Program (IAP) First Pay Cheque 2021-2022
2nd December 2021 BBI Ms.Nidhi Mathuria Online Investor Awareness Program (IAP) 2021-2022
26th November 2021 BMS Quiz on Indian Constitution 2021-2022
11th November 2021 BSc IT Ms. Mamta Pandey KALI LINUX 2021-2022
1st November 2021 BSc IT Vigilance Awareness Week 2021-2022
30th October 2021 M.Sc (IT), M.Sc (DS) & B.Sc (IT) Mr. Khozema Z. Nullwala Webinar on DevOps Technology 2021-2022
23rd October 2021 BAF Ms. Iyer Arya Chidambareswaran CAREER in MBA 2021-2022
21st October 2021 BFM Dr. Pruthviraj Desai Time Management and Goal Setting 2021-2022
28th September 2021 BMS Ms. Shakshi Shetty How to Earn and Make a Career as a Youtuber 2021-2022

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