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  • Respond In A Creative Manner To A Continuously Changing Cosmopolitan Society.
  • Support Cultural And Ethnic Diversity In The Student Community.
  • To Create Socially Committed And Responsible Citizens With High Aptitude And A Sense Of Ethics And Equity.
  • To Use Education As A Tool Of Empowerment.


  • To Provide Equal Opportunities Through Economic Assistance.
  • To Foster Moral, Cultural , Social, Ecological And Spiritual Values.
  • To Nurture Talent, Innovation And Entrepreneurship.
  • To Create Generations Of Globally Competent Learners.
  • To Produce Professionals And Leaders Who Can Be Torch Bearers.


  • To Implement And Continually Update Contemporary Teaching Techniques.
  • To Promote The Spirit Of Inquiry And Strengthen Analytical And Research Skills.
  • To Develop Multiple Facets Of The Learners’ Personality.
  • To Prepare Learners To Be Productive Members Of Society By Enhancing Quality And Employability.
  • To Take Quality Education To The Masses.
  • To Inculcate A Sense Of Responsibility Towards The Environment , Society And Nation.


We Are Committed To A Student Centered Environment In Which The Intellectual, Social, Cultural, Physical, As Well As Recreational Needs Of Students Are Met:

  • By Providing Students A Variety Of Learning Experiences, Forums, Challenging Environment, Peer Learning And Counseling
  • Through Collaboration With Academia And Industry

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